Ellen Essen - About Me


My deepest creative root is the South German Baroque. I grew up in Zwiefalten, a small town at the foot of the Swabian Alb. It is dominated by a mighty and magnificent monastery church built by Johann Michael Fischer in the 18th century. The majesty of the architecture, richness of the interior decoration both in the choice of pictorial means through the fresco painting and through the most luxuriant plastic decoration through stucco carvings and stucco sculptures was overwhelming and inspiring for me from an early age.

In a central place in the church, at the end of the nave the figure of the prophet Ezekiel is placed, depicted in extase, during one of his visions. How often I have looked at this sculpture with the light and the perspective, and discovered it again and again.


Developing creativity

As long as I can remember, I loved to paint – pencils and coloring books were a welcome gift, „fine arts“ one of my favorite subjects at school. Especially in the high school, we had excellent art classes. My art teacher at that time, Mr. Dress, taught us a lot of basics in art techniques and also art theory, so that I would have liked to study art, but I chose the more theoretical occupation in studying art history. 

In fact theoretical studies made me loosing confidence in my own creativity. Maybe it is why Picasso once stated: 

„Every child is an artist. The only problem is to remain an artist while growing up“

I lost this track until I discoverd it again in 2021.

Early work

Detail study of Ezechiel,
Charcoal and chalk on cardboard, 50 x 70 cm, 1984

„Memories of Rome“, oil on canvas, was printed in the „Gerstaecker-Art cataloque“ 1985.

The moment of awareness

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